Our legs are tired

We’re closing up shop at W.I.S.H. with ideas for opening up in the future.  Nostrovia! Poetry, our father publisher, is a time consuming project, and along with Gatsby’s Abandoned Children, UndergroundBooks, the threat of homelessness, and the upcoming Mobile Bookstore, my plate is piled high with a meal I’m just starting to cut through the appetizers of.

If you’re after publication, Nostrovia! Poetry is currently accepting submissions through multiple venues.

Thanks for walking with us.


-Jeremiah Walton, Gatsby’s Abandoned Children

Corpses under clouds


Sky Burial
by Michele Seminara

I look so unremarkable
but then I imagine
so do you.
And the secrets inside
that we like to hide
are probably boring too.
So listen
why don’t we share them?
Cut our guts open
and air them?
We can have a sky burial
and invite birds of carrion
to transform
our dark feelings to food.

(First published in The Blue Hour Magazine 2013)

Riding the Nightmare

Blue woman

Riding Dark Horse Nightmare
by Joan McNerney

to prison library
where sewer
backs up flooding
cages of books
my brains are washed
by a short scientist

detectives trail me
arrested by police
giving up to
handcuffs  ether

now on train
calendars peel
off cars
1942   1962   1982
2198   1892   1294
passengers screaming
screaming off track
burning 3rd rail

in swamp struggling
to reach green reeds
i   am   a
fixed target
paper duck
*pull trigger*fire pin*thru barrel*into muzzle*
b u l l e t                 s h o t
paper duck
mowed down.